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What is Giclee?

Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay), is a method of printing archival-quality fine art prints, either as art reproductions or photographs.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Giclee printing:

Giclee is Different from Regular Printing

Louvre - Giclee ManilaWhile it uses inkjet printing technology, Giclee prints differ from regular inkjet prints since the former employ large printers that use pigment based archival inks. Using such inks enables artists to create prints that are not prone to fading over time.  
Another important distinction that Giclee has from regular printing is that Giclee prints can retain even the finest details of the original artwork. 

How is this possible?

Giclee printers spray ink onto the material so colors overlap on the substrate naturally. In fact, the name of this method comes from the French term that means to spray or to squirt. This method ensures that your reproductions or photographs will remain faithful to your original artwork.


Your Choice of Paper Depends on Your Creativity

You can print your Giclee print on any type of our archival papers. Your choice depends on the creative decisions that you make, such as whether you want to print a black and white or a colored photograph. You may also choose a high gloss paper if you want the look of traditional photo paper. Or you may also choose to print a reproduction of your painting on canvas. The options are limitless.



Giclee is Best for Works of Art That Last a Lifetime

The combination of archival pigment inks and acid-free substrate ensures that your works of art will retain their beauty in the years to come. So if you want prints that you can proudly display at home, or give to your clients, you can never be wrong with a Giclee print. Giclee Manila is your trusted Giclee printer when you want to create works of art that last a lifetime without burning a hole in your pocket.


Why Choose Giclee Manila?

There are 3 reasons why Giclee Manila is your high-end digital photo printer of choice:

We create prints that are faithful to your vision.

When you receive your prints from Giclee Manila, the first thing you will notice is how faithful they are to your original creation. The colors are vibrant and even the subtle tonalities are retained.You will not see color dots typical of other digital prints. You simply cannot find this type of quality from your local photo labs and other digital photo printing technologies.

We make this possible by using only top of the line, color-calibrated equipment that ensure that all colors and tones are rendered as you envisioned them.

Your prints will last a lifetime.

Have you ever noticed how your photos printed at photo labs fade after just a few years?

It is different with Giclee Manila.

That is because we combine only the best inks and papers for your prints, ensuring that they are lightfast, and will last a lifetime. We are the exclusive Philippine distributor of Hahnemuhle Fine Art. If you know your papers, then you will know that Hahnmuhle is the world's oldest paper maker with over 420 years of history behind it. They make their papers the same way they did for over four centuries by using pure spring water and first-class pulps.

Our Hahnmuhle papers are acid-free, lightfast and age resistant, so your prints will retain their quality for years to come.

Also, we are the country's exclusive distributor of Moab by Legion Paper. Moab is part of Legion Paper's product line and is recognized as one of North America's top fine art paper makers. The quality of their papers are inspired by the natural wonders that surround them in Moab, Utah, including the fantastic red rocks of Arches and Canyonland National Parks, the Colorado River, and the LaSal Mountains.

And finally, we also offer the Museo brand of papers. These papers are made to archival standards of the US Library of Congress, making them resistant acidification and fading over time.

You get more value for your money.

Compared to other digital photo printing methods, Giclee Manila's prints are naturally more expensive. However, you get more value for your money in the long run because you know that your prints will retain their luster and detail long after the prints from photo labs have faded.

What's more is that we try every means possible to produce your prints affordably without sacrificing their quality.

In sum, you will know the Giclee Manila advantage once your receive your prints. The colors are simply more pleasing, and even the subtlest tones are retained as your original creation. Plus, you can rest assured that your prints will last a lifetime.



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